Police Use of Force

The Force Report:

“Five years. 72,607 documents. Every local police department in N.J. We built the most comprehensive statewide database of police use of force in the U.S.”

-NJ Advance Media

Town-by-town rates, interactive map



Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law

US Census

Movement Advancement Project



Garden State Equality


This LGBTQ office is first of its kind in N.J. By Taylor Tiamoyo Harris

Union County’s new Office of LGBTQ Services is the first county government office of its kind in New Jersey.

Did the LGBTQ Community Save Asbury Park? Alex Biese

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Racial Integration: Looking for Patterns

Are there any racially integrated towns in NJ that last?

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  • “Buena Vista Township, in the southern Pine Barrens, is an interesting case study. I interviewed Mark Demitroff about the town he grew up in (he’s the white kid in suspenders in the class picture at the top).

Blacks returned at the end of WWI. They had come up from the South to work factory jobs in Philly and New York, then vacated when the doughboys went off to fight. All good things come to an end, and with the soldiers’ return they wanted their jobs back. No way did the Blacks want to return South, so they came to settle cheap farm plots in the Pinelands where old Black charcoal camps had been.

Demitroff went on to tell me that because of some local & state government actors, plus others at the Pinelands Commission pushing forward a sewer system in the Buena Vista Twp hamlet of Richland, (to lead the way for development) it could threaten the demographic makeup of the township.”

Millennials In New Jersey: Migratory Patterns and Public Opinion

A practicum project prepared by: Jessica Brand, Evan Friscia, Alex Lleras, Anish Patel, Yasmin Robinson, Roshard Williams.
Advised by: Dr. Cliff Zukin, Ph.D.

Full report here

Excerpts from Executive Summary:

“…This report argues that there are two key questions that offer a clearer statistical answer to the question of Millennial exodus: 1) Are Millennials now leaving New Jersey at a higher rate than young people have in the past? 2) Are Millennials leaving New Jersey at a greater rate than Millennials living in neighboring states?

The data suggest the answer to both these questions is “no.”

This report concludes that the story of New Jersey Millennials is one of stability. Millennials in New Jersey have not deviated substantially in their migratory patterns or their attitudes towards the state of New Jersey when compared to older cohorts during the times they were between 18 and 39 years old. The report outlines three key findings:

  • New Jersey Millennial migration patterns do not differ from the general migratory patterns of young people over time and they do not differ from the patterns of other high-tax, high-cost states.
  • Millennial perceptions of New Jersey do not differ from how young adults in the past viewed New Jersey, and do not differ from the general population’s view of the state.
  • Millennials face the same problems that are commonly ascribed to all New Jersey residents. They are concerned about rising property taxes, transportation infrastructure, 1 4 and the high cost of living in the state, but are at a point in the life cycle that makes these problems more acute.”

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Human Trafficking in Atlantic City

These kind of data are challenging to come by and to analyze, as we discovered when trying to report on sexual violence and trafficking rates for local policy makers. It’s impressive that these social scientists were able to produce this work.

Gun Violence

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